A Road Trip around Europe

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The next stage of Our Adventurehood is going to see us head into Europe.  This wasn’t part of the original plan, but we decide that the time was right for us to leave Southeast Asia.


Now we are making plans to travel across Europe and I’m very seriously considering taking this adventure to the road and getting a car.


Why we are considering a car?

There is a huge element of freedom with car travel.  We can load up and hit the road at our won pace and with no concerns around luggage allowance.


It would also allow us to travel to areas that are harder to reach.  Public transport is cheap and widely available, but it does mean you have to follow a pre-set agenda.  Not always convenient with kids in tow.


On top of that, we can stay in accommodation that is further from city centres.  This would be a great way to keep our costs down as inner-city prices are high.


What car would we go for?

There are lots of options in Europe as we love our cars.  Fiat Automobiles are big across the continent meaning that they could be the perfect choice for us.


When it comes to the size of the car then we are not fussy.  We have little luggage so could easily fit in most cars.  Fuel economy would be the most important attribute.


What are my concerns about car travel?

My biggest concern about a road trip around Europe would be dealing with any car maintenance on route.  Fiat are known for their reliability hence why they would be a strong choice for us.


If there was an issue, then we would be able to pick up spare parts for the Italian car brand here SPAREpartstore24.co.uk.


There are lots of elements to consider when planning a road trip, but it would be an amazing way to travel around this incredible continent.



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