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One of the great things about living in the age that we do is our ability to preserve our memories through photos and videos.  For us, having these images to look back on is part of the joy.

As you know, we filmed a lot of our adventures and captured lots of photographs too.  Our videos have been preserved on YouTube, but we initial lacked direction about what to do with our photographs.

Naturally, picture frames on the walls are a great idea, but they don’t tell enough of the story in my opinion.  We wanted something a little more.

Our ideas

We had a bit of a brainstorming session and decided that we wanted our home to reflect our travel experiences.  The ideas that we came up with were:

  • Travel photo book
  • Favourite country prints for the children’s room
  • Photo wall in the living room
  • Travel-themed quotation artwork

The plan was that we would create all of these ourselves so that we could use our own pictures and creativity, whilst ensuring that they were unique and personal to us.

The plan

I have some experience with creating images through my business.  I use a design tool called Canva, which makes it really easy to put the images together.

It comes with preloaded templates, so you don’t have to worry about getting the sizes right at they have A4, A5 and square options set up ready for you.

In addition to our photos, we wanted to add text and stickers to make them more quirky.  The children love adding smiley faces and rainbows to everything so this was a natural extension to that passion in their lives.

But I wanted some sort of cohesion between the images, so it wasn’t just random (like my kids would want) images, but instead themed around travel and in line with the colours schemes in the house already.

Where I sourced the images?

For these images, I used Design Bundles.  They offer a range of different design elements for all kinds of projects and for all different budgets.

I was able to download a travel themed bundle of images that I could use across all our creations.  I imported them into Canva where I was able to combine them with our photos and text elements.

Why choose SVGs?

One thing that is particularly important when creating these images is to use SVGs, or scalable vector graphics.  These are images that can be enlarged without any loss of image quality.  It also makes it easy to change the colours too.

The reason this is important is that we wanted to be able to use these images for a range of different purposes.  Both from large prints that we would hang on the walls, as well as in our photobook.  Therefore I needed to be able to change their sizes and have them look perfect.

This was especially important when we were using an arrow SVG and a banner SVG.  These were common images that we used throughout our artwork and were essential for tying all the pieces together.

Where we have put them in our house?

Basically all over the place.  We have officially turned into one of the smug travelling families who plaster their house with photos and souvenirs that they have picked up along the way.

The children both have prints that they helped design in their bedrooms, we have a framed quote in our hallway, a photo shelf above the master bedroom and are still working on a travel wall for the living room.

We have also created a beautiful photo book that we use to look back and reflect on our travels and is a fantastic way to preserve and share our memories.  It truly is a fantastic storyteller.

I’m sure that there will be more to come too, as we start to travel again and add more memories.  We love to keep the memories alive for our children by talking about our experiences regularly and having so many visual clues is helpful.

Create your own

What it is that you want to showcase, you can create your own unique artwork and images to use around your home.  You don’t even need a bank of photos you can use the resources available on Design Bundles to create prints that can help bring your home alive.

It is time to get creative, shun the ready-made products and put your own stamp on your home, whether you are sharing your memories or creating new ones.



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