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Adventure Diary

Our Cocoa Beach Experience

We had done some sea swimming with the girls back in the UK before we left.  We actually have a video about it.   Reviews were a bit mixed back then.  Both kids liked it a bit but also much preferred sitting on the beach and eating fish and chips.   However, our trip to

Adventure Diary

A Weekend in Washington DC

Yes, yes, yes!  I know I am majorly behind on my travel diary updates.  But the last month has whizzed by and routine has gone out of the window.   But here I am writing an update for you about our time in Washington DC.  Plus, you have Dan’s wonderful video to accompany it.  

Adventure Diary

Teaching our kids to swim

We have paid out A LOT of money over the last four years to get our kids to learn to swim.  The figure is definitely in excess of £1,000.   I started taking Emily to lessons when she was just 7 weeks old.  As much as I loved our swimming lessons, there wasn’t a lot

Adventure Diary

New country, new experiences, New York!

It has finally begun!  For those of you who know us “in real life” then you have probably been listening to us talk about this trip for months.  And, here it is!  We weren’t lying!   Three days ago, we were sleeping in Gatwick airport and now I’m sat in a hotel room looking out


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Join us as we travel the world.  Starting in the USA, before heading to South America, Southeast Asia and more.

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