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One of the best things I could have done when we started planning our travels was to create this website.  It has become a chronicle of our trip and a source of income.


Plus, the world loves travel blogs.  People love reading about other people’s adventures and dreaming of their own.


Therefore, I urge you to start your own.  You don’t need to be going on a big trip, or even travel far from home.  You can create a travel blog all about your home town if you like.

Why you should start a travel blog

There are many reasons you should start a travel blog.  But the main one should be that you love travel or love to encourage others to travel or both.


It is a place to showcase that passion and share your knowledge with the world.  If you are writing about a place where you live, you can become part of the team that inspires people to visit.


But also it is a way of recording the joy of your experiences too.  If you are writing about your favourite restaurants in Reykjavik, then you are going to relive those memories as you do.


Finally, you should start a travel blog because you can make money from it.  With the right strategies, it is easy to monetise a travel blog and fund your future adventures.


The importance of design

One of the most important elements in any blog, but particularly in travel blogs is how it looks.  People travel to new place to see and do new things. Visuals are important.


What images will you need

Every website needs a minimum of two main images.  These are your header logo and your website icon.  Chances are that these new images are going to look similar.


It is a good time to decide what fonts you want to use throughout your website.  There are lots of freebies fonts available and I would recommend using one of the script fonts as they work well with the care-free nature of travelling.


You can use these in your blog images and across your website to join everything up.


What design tools can you use

My favourite design tools include Canva and Photoshop.  If you are new to creating images, then Canva is a great choice for you.


If makes creating the images for you your website very easy and you can upload any fonts and images that you already have.


It comes pre-loaded with a variety of templates and tools to help you out.  This is why I recommend it for beginners.  But if you are already familiar with Photoshop, then you can achieve the same results there without having to learn a new platform.

How to create images that stand out

When it comes to logos, you want to keep them clean and simple.  They should include the name of your website and maybe a small image.  You will uses these a lot and they will represent your brand, so they need to give a clear message.


For your other images, I recommend including lots of photos.  If you can use your own photos to give them a personal touch.


When creating images for your posts, make sure that the images relate to what you are talking about.  So if you are talking about activities for kids in Barcelona make sure that the images you include are of those things.


For your featured images and your Pinterest pins, you want to use the fonts that used with your logos.  This will help with your branding in general and help bring everything together.


By doing this, it will make you instantly recognisable when people are searching through Facebook and Pinterest.  You fonts are an important part of the design process.


Don’t forget to keep using those images too.  The more images you can use on your travel blog the better.  Trust me!  People love them.


How to tie in your branding across your website

By this point, you will have your logos and images all reflecting your branding.  They will all be representing you brand in exactly the way you want them too.


What we can do is use the same fonts across the whole website to complete the design experience.  You can also use these fonts on emails and other promotional materials too.


The best things you can do is start

If you have been putting it off, this is your cue to start.  Designing your website is half of the fun and once it is done you will have a wonderful digital asset to showcase all your experiences.


Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.



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