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Taking off your own Adventurehood requires some planning.  We thought we knew what we were doing when we left but we have learned a lot along the way.


To help you plan, organise and take off on a trip of your own, we have compiled this list of recommendations.  Hope you find them useful!



We are travelling with just hand luggage.  Dan and I have the same backpacks and the kid have matching ones too.

HP Laptop Backpacks – we are using these.  We are both carrying just under 10kg of luggage in these, including our laptops.  They have been small enough to take as hand luggage on *most* flights.

Trunki – the kids are rocking these.  Despite being small, you can fit a lot in them.  We have added a luggage strap though to make sure they don’t ping open.

Drawstring Sports Bags – we both have bags similar to this that we are using day-to-day.  They fold up small when we can’t take them on the plane, but are also perfectly sized as a personal item when we can.

Cath Kids Backpacks– it seems like they’ve stopped making the exact bags that the kids are using for their toys.  But they both have very small Cath Kids backpacks.


Camera Equipment

Dan did a lot of research into this before we left and created us the perfect audio/visual equipment set up.  This is what we are using to produce the pictures and videos.

Go Pro HERO7 Black – this is the awesome bit of tech that we are using to capture all our underwater shots.  It is a must for anyone wanting to adventure travel.  Or you know, with clumsy kids.

Sony A6300  – this is our main camera.  We use it for most photos and video recording.

Rode Video Micro – we attach this little mic to the top of the Sony camera for improved audio recordings on our videos.

Gobe Variable ND Filter – not sure what this does.  Ha!  Something to do with light and shutter speeds.  Dan knows!

Gorilla Pod – a small tripod with flexible legs that you wrap around railings or bend to stabilise on uneven ground.  It also makes the camera easier to hold.



We are enjoying trying out all different types of accommodation.  It’s part of the adventure.  I’ll list some of my sites here.

AirBnB – one of our favourite options when looking for accommodation.  You can find some real gems through this site and typically it’s a great way to keep your budget down. – great place to find hotels, apartments and villas.  Easy to use payment system.  It’s our go to when looking for hotels.



The trip wouldn’t be worth doing if you didn’t spend some of your money doing adventurous things.  Our favourite site for finding activities is:

Get Your Guide – here you can look up trips and activities either by location or activity or both.  You’ll be able to see reviews and book through the site too.


Travel Insurance

An absolute must for anyone looking to travel even if only in the short term.  If you are looking to travel for longer then you will need backpackers insurance.

World First – we choose this provide because they were reasonably priced, covered everything we wanted (worldwide and skiing) and were able to cover me despite my coeliac disease.  They’ve been excellent.



Flying has been a hige part of our experience, therefore, we have been keen to get the best flights at the best price.  These are the sites that have helped us with this most.

Skyscanner – one of the easiest to use websites for finding flights.  Great user interface and normally brings the best results.

Travel Vaccinations

We needed a LOT of vaccinations before we left.  I did some research and there are several places you can get them done, so make sure you check out your local area.

Boots – after doing my research this place came out as top.  We ended up using several branches around the UK to get our vaccinations completed and all were reasonably well-stocked.


Books and Guides

If you want to do some research ahead of your trip then there is one truly great option:

Lonely Planet – their beautiful images and helpful guides make them one of the best choices for researching a destination before you set off.


Is there anything else you want to see on this list?

What have I forgotten to include?  I’ll add more as I think of them, but hopefully, this will serve you well for now.


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