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Cycling Marriott’s Way

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We are big believers in having family adventures close to home as well as the ones that take us halfway around the world.  Therefore, we are always looking for the chance to explore our local area.


For this reason, we consider ourselves very fortunate to have Norfolk’s premier cycle route practically on our doorstep.  And what a beautiful route it is too!


We were blessed with sunshine over the weekend so took this as our opportunity to dust off the bikes and take our Mini Adventurers out on a mini adventure by cycling along Marriott’s Way.


Within minutes of setting off, we were cruising along this stunning route, pointing out the wildlife around us and dodging the butterflies that flew across our path.   The further we cycled along it, the more it compounded my belief that this is the perfect cycle route for those with young children.


But before we get to the reason why, let me introduce you to this cycle route.


What is Marriotts Way?

Marriott’s Way is a footway, bridle path and cycling route that follows the course of two disused railway routes.  Running from central Norwich (Norfolk) in a North West direction it passes through fields, forests, villages and crosses rivers and streams.


The route ends at Aylsham, which is a historic market town and a lovely place to visit.  But there several places on the route that you can stop if you don’t want to go that far.


Passing through Drayton, Lenwade, Reepham and Cawston, this route is a fantastic way to explore this region of Norfolk.


The route is fairly flat and well-maintained, making it accessible for everyone regardless of their mode of transport.  The views along the route will keep you entertained throughout.


Which bits have we travelled?

I spend many evenings running along the sections that pass through my neighbourhood.  There is some beautiful scenery and it is the perfect combination of quiet, but safe.


We have travelled on bikes in both directions from our home, which lies in the middle of Marriott’s Way.  Earlier in the year, we headed North towards Lenwade, and just the other day we went South towards Norwich.


Cycling Marriott’s Way: Drayton to Lenwade

bikes in front on rapeseed field on marriotts way

This section of Marriott’s Way that runs from Drayton through Attlebridge and towards Lenwade is surrounded by farmland and open fields.


The whole route is flat and easy to cycle, but this particular stretch is probably one of my favourites.  With trees that reach over providing shade and horses to spy in the fields on route, it is just pure bliss.


At Attlebridge, we crossed over by the old station and spent some time relaxing by a field full of yellow rapeseed.  The girls enjoyed wandering along the edges and looking at the birds that were flying nearby.


A short way along the cycle path crosses a river and you can play Pooh sticks over the bridge.  Naturally, this was how we spent a good 10 or more minutes, with the children picking up sticks and throwing them over the side.


On this day, we decided to turn around at that point.  However, I have been out cycling further along with Alice.


After this, the route goes somewhat industrial for a while.  The trail runs along the back of some factories and yards and doesn’t provide the most pleasant view.


However, there is still plenty to see on the trail itself.  With rabbits, squirrels, birds and butterflies, Alice was busy pointing out everything that crossed our path.


Cycling Marriott’s Way:  Drayton to Norwich

This weekend just gone, we decided to head in the opposite direction.  The aim was to follow the Marriott’s Way route until we reached Gunton Lane Recreation Ground.


Gunton Lane Rec is a little off the track but only by a minute or two and is well worth the detour.  There is a beautiful little river where you can go paddling.  There are even a couple of rope swings for the children to play on.


It is a delightful spot to explore the local rivers and many children had fishing nets and ice cream tubs for checking out their catches.


It was a hot day when we went, so the spot was proving very popular with children who wanted to cool down.  However, we have been several times before and practically had the place to ourselves.


Check out our video showing our day out along Marriott’s Way and Gunton Lane Rec.


Why you should think about cycling Marriott’s Way

Let me summarise with some bullet points:

  1. A lovely flat route makes it easy for everyone
  2. Lots to see on the route and some lovely places to stop at
  3. If you live in Norwich, it is on your doorstep


We are big believers in having adventures wherever we are, so with the Sun out we dusted off our bikes and went cycling along Marriott's Way. #cyclingwithkids #familycycling

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