Saying Goodbye To Our Home

Saying Goodbye To Our Home

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It happened.  We have officially moved out of our home.  After a couple of weeks in a top-secret location (my parents’ house) we have had time to reflect on the experience.


Sorting Through Our Stuff

The process of packing has been a fairly drawn-out experience.  We have known for several months that we will be going travelling so have been making decisions based on this for a long time.


For example, I stopped buying as much stuff.  When you realise that you’ve either got to carry it around or shove it in a box for a year, you really start to evaluate whether you need stuff.


We also got a bit ruthless we the stuff we already had.  Months ago, I began selling the stuff that we no longer wanted to generate extra income and save us the hassle of packing it.  I sold LOADS of stuff!


There were things that we needed to recycle too as we knew that these wouldn’t be useful to us when we get.  I’m talking things like high chairs and clothing that the kids will grow out of while we were away.  These went to our local recycling centre.


What was left got sorted into three piles: going with us round the world, going with us to Mum and Dad’s and staying behind.


Packing Up Our Home

The final few days were a bit manic.  We really wanted to see all our friends in those final days but knew that we had to sort the house.  In the end, we managed a great mixture of both.


With some good fun days out, like this trip to the beach shown below, to break up the packing it didn’t seem to hard.

Everything that needed to go into storage made it into storage and everything that was coming with us got loaded into the car.  The main issue was deciding what order to pack things in.


There were some things that we needed to save right until we left.  Our beds are a good example. But then I couldn’t really figure out what to do next.  In the end, I feel like I left it all to the end and then just had a massive operation to contend with.


Saying Goodbye To Our Friends and Family

This was the hardest part of leaving our “home”.  It wasn’t just saying goodbye to the building we live in but also saying goodbye to those that we live near in the wider sense of the word “home”.


Over the last couple of weeks we were at home we made arrangements to see our friends and Dan’s family who lived near us.  We had a pretty hectic social life for a while.


There were some emotional farewells, but all of them were filled with positivity for adventures to come.  We are lucky to know that we have so many people wishing us well and wanting the best for us.


Managing these goodbyes were more challenging with the children.  They don’t quite understand the scale of what is happening.  There times when we would say you’re not going to see this friend for a while and Emily would just shrug and go “OK!”


That said, most of our goodbyes were proper goodbyes with lots of cuddles.  The girls had lots of opportunities to say their bye-byes to their friends.


What’s more with technology these days, it is easy to keep in touch from the other side of the world.  We should be able to video chat with our friends and family frequently.


Our Final Moments At Home

Confession time: I had a little cry!  It felt like a real mix of relief that we finally had everything packed, the anxiety of whether the house was ready for our tenants and sadness at leaving our family home behind.


It was a big step on our road to travelling around the world.  We were brave!  We did it!  And now we can focus on this next month which involves lots of money-making and travel planning.

WE always knew the day woud come when we had to say goodbye to our home. But exciting travel plans are just around the corner.

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